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RubyKay began its journey in May 2015 after my mother Ruby May Baldwin passed away from cancer.  My mother adopted me at birth and loved me with all her heart.  Our mother-daughter relationship had its ups and downs, but in the end we always had each other.  At different times of my life I would try and search for my birth mother but never had any luck. When my mother passed I decided to try one last time.  I discovered online one month prior all birth records had been opened allowing me to obtain a complete copy of my birth certificate.  When I received my original birth certificate in the mail I saw my birth mothers name "Georgene Kay Heimbigner. " After some research I located her and quickly wrote her a letter asking to meet.  About a week later I received a phone call from her and within a month I was at her house in Texas meeting my birth mother.  I saw a lot of myself in her and was grateful for the opportunity to meet her.  Georgene Kay was afflicted with cancer as well and passed away on Christmas Eve 2015.  Two mothers lost in seven months.  
The healing process was difficult and showed me how precious life really is.  It also showed me how God works in mysterious ways.  During this process my best friend who had just lost her mother came to visit me.  As we worked through the healing process together I noticed she had beautiful bracelets made from rose quartz, tiger eye, onyx and lapis.  While I didn’t know why, rocks and gemstones had always been of interest to me.  Even in childhood I would search the forest floor during camping trips trying to find that perfect stone to bring home and add to my collection.  I was drawn to her bracelets, but the attraction was not just its beauty; something seemed different.  My friend informed me that this draw is from the healing powers of these stones.  This began my journey into discovering how different  stones carry metaphysical properties that serve far beyond their physical beauty.  After experiencing a gem and mineral show I discovered I could create my own healing jewelry to help others through their own journeys.  As it was both Ruby and Georgene Kay that started this journey it was only fitting their names adorn the business they helped create.

Ruby May

Ruby May

Georgene Kay

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